3 Reasons Why You Need a Media Host for your Podcast

3 Reasons Why You Need a Media Host for your Podcast

Podcasting is indeed a great avenue to share experiences and insights – to be heard. With the right tips and tricks, one can conquer the struggles of what most worry about podcasting – storage.

Storage, by all means, is a necessity for podcasters. For them, having an ample amount of storage space would mean being able to stock up tons of media files.

Some would utilize their web host to store these data. But why is it really necessary, and furthermore, beneficial, to take these media files out of your web host and transfer them to a separate server?

Because you’re creating podcast episodes, it means that one’s media files refer to a big bulk of audio files – and we know how much storage it can eat up.

It is advisable to use a media host so you can avoid the hassles of a slow website. Aside from this, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice having to reduce the quality of your media files just so you can squeeze in all your files in the allotted storage by your web host.

Media hosts vary according to one’s preference. But all in all, it provides podcasters the same benefits.

Here are what Media Hosts offer...

Larger Files

As mentioned, most web hosts only offer limited storage. However with media hosts, storage won’t be a problem as you can acquire storage capacities according to your preference by just shelling out a few dollars.

Faster Website

Inputting your media files directly to your website would mean affecting the speed of your website as more and more people access it. Once your audience open and play a podcast episode, expect a slow download. The website traffic may also result to delayed or lagging media. With that, media hosts give an undisturbed access to your podcasts as it avoids having conflicts regarding your web host’s bandwidth.

Better Experience

Although you have control, there is still limited command coming from you when using your web host to store media files. With media hosts, you are able to operate on your own without having to sacrifice quality or speed due to poor bandwidth.

At first, you might just have a hundred of people listening to your show at one time, and that’s probably fine. But, imagine thousands of people listening to your show at one time! That’s totally going to crash your site and they’ll probably start having issues not being able to listen to your show! This is why dedicated servers with high bandwidths are always the better options.

Here’s a short explanation of what Bandwidth is: It is the frequency of sending and receiving information. With media hosts, the bandwidth performance will be ideal as it will not hinder any data transfer. This means that listeners are able to listen on iTunes seemingly and as well as to your site.

So what are the media hosts available out there? Here are some of our top picks.


If you want excellent hosting services, Amazon S3 is capable of providing you with that for just $0.0018 per gigabyte. It may be a good price to start with but take note that charges increase as the number of subscribers you have increase.


If creating podcasts directly is what you want, Podomatic offers this feature. To add to that, Podomatic is free for use with a maximum of 500 GB storage. The only downside is that uploading media files may take a while to finish.


If you have long recording hours, Buzzsprout may be the match for this. They offer a free plan for the first 90 days with a monthly allowance of storing files that are up to 2 hours of length. Bear in mind though that fees will be charged after the 90 day trial account. They will be obliged to pay a monthly fee of $12.00.


If assurance and reputation is important to you, go for Libsyn. It is one of the first media hosts established with a guarantee for satisfactory performance. With its strong server power, it hosts thousands of shows alongside the billions of downloads. It however charges a few dollars more than others at $15.00 monthly.

Of course being heard means investing on transmitting your messages efficiently and accurately. So why settle for sketchy quality when media hosts are readily available? Look up the best media host for you because you can be the best podcaster there is. It may be confusing at first but it sure is worth it to be heard.

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