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In this day and age where getting your message across to an audience is of utmost importance, various mediums have cropped up. It is now more challenging to get people to read, listen, or watch you. Everyone is vying for that precious time from online users. With different social media around, it is next to impossible to get the attention that you need to promote your content and your brand.

Podcasting as a platform

Although podcasting has been around for decades, it has only been until recently that podcasting exploded. Most, if not all, of the active online users are listening to podcasts and the listenership is ever growing. Listening to podcasts through the use of smartphones has dramatically increased in the last few years, as well.

You can throw it in on the list of possible content marketing and content platforms. Audio, specifically podcasting, is being used in a unique way to market or get a message across. It allows non-writers to have a space of their own. Aside from that, it complements whatever content that you have. Creators, bloggers, and experts are already starting their own podcasts to reach a different audience while being some sort of a marketing platform for their products or services.

The great thing about podcasting, just like the rest of the platforms online, is that it is easily accessible to anyone with an internet connectivity. For boot-strapped content creators, there is minimal cost to starting one.

Starting a podcast affordably

You don’t need to be an established publisher in order to start your own podcast nor do you need to have a professional recording studio. It is a free platform that can be created with little to no investment. It all boils down to having the basic equipment needed to record your own podcast.

At the bare minimum, you can start it even when you only have a laptop. As long as you have a working microphone and the software, you’re all set. But, some podcasters don’t suggest going through this route. The sound quality would usually be awful. Most will ask you to invest a little if you can just to have a better sound quality. You don’t have to spend over $100 for a good external microphone.

Here’s a list of the necessary equipment and software to start a podcast:

  • Microphone. This is an important tool for recording your podcast. A USB microphone will do the trick and will connect to a computer or a laptop with a USB port. This type of microphone is usually plug-and-play which requires no driver. There are basic microphones that go around $100. Find one that fits your budget and would give you good quality for the price. E.g ATR 2100
  • Audio recording software. You can find recording software for free. This will allow you to record audio through your microphone and save your recording as an MP3. You can also edit your audio or add music. You need to have adept knowledge in editing and using your audio recording software. Some powerful software might cost you more compared to the basic software which is usually free.

As you go along with your podcast, you can start investing in better equipment. But as long as what you have is serving you and producing the output that is needed, you don’t have to purchase expensive equipment when you begin this journey. Adjust and experiment as you go.

Podcasting is an overall better medium

Compared to blogging, podcasting is a better medium. It is also easier to consume for the audience. One can listen to a podcast even when on the go and does not require all of one’s attention, unlike reading a blog or watching a video.

You can listen to a podcast through any device, be it mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. It is also on-demand platform wherein listeners can choose what they want to hear and when they want to hear it. The way people consume content and information has changed in the recent years. Slowly, podcasting is becoming the future of information consumption.

Unlike the others, podcasting creates a more intimate connection. The audience can hear you talking to them in a direct manner. You have their ear time for around 30 minutes and that is something. You have to create real conversations with meaning and sincerity.

Podcast listeners are also more engaged and loyal compared to blog readers. They would often subscribe and share content that they personally like or have listened to.

Overall, podcasting is going nowhere but up. It is considered as the future of content. No matter how you use podcasting, be it for push your product, promote your brand, or as an outlet for your content, podcasting is posed to dominate. Come to think of it, it’s all done quite affordably as well.

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