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Podcast afficionados know that it isn’t all just interviews or narrations. A good show will have segments, which one can define as sectioned-off parts that are dedicated to specific activities or topics. Having this will keep a podcast dynamic and help make it more engaging. Do it right and you can effectively reduce listener drop offs and help format your content blocks in ways that make it easier to switch gears. For those in need of ideas for their next podcast production, here are some unique podcast segments that you may want to try.

1) Feature Listener Voicemail

If boosting listener engagement is one of your goals, then featuring their submitted voicemail on your show is definitely the segment for you. Having this as part of your podcast can be an invaluable way to make your audience feel like they’re more than just listening. Once they hear their testimonials on air, they will only be encouraged to participate further.

2) Conduct a Listener Q&A

Similar to featuring listener voicemails, you may consider having an on-air question and answer portion on your show. Doing this can help bring more value to your brand as you make deeper connections that wouldn’t be otherwise possible. Sifting through the questions of your listeners can also be a great way to discover brand-new topics that you can later explore in greater depth.

3) Plug Other Podcasts

One segment that is sure to create a ton of goodwill is to plug other shows as you conduct your own. Simply provide an overview of what the podcast is about, mention noteworthy episodes, and give your audience reasons why that particular show is worth their time. Another way you can go about doing this would be to have the host of that show on yours and to conduct a brief interview.

4) Provide Peeks of Premium Content

For those with bonus content, it may be worth your while to entice your audience with snippets of it. One fine way to do just that would be by providing a sample of it on your podcast. This will not only help drive up interest, but it also has the added benefit of creating traffic for your website, your Patreon, or whatever platform you may be using for your premium content.

5) Interview Your Sponsor

When it comes to this segment suggestion, the interview in question does not have to be an extensive one. Nor does it have to occupy too much space on your show, to the point of taking away from the episode’s usual length. Dedicate enough time for you to feature your sponsor (provided they are available for the segment in the first place) and use it to inform your audience just how much you believe in their product. This segment idea also has the added benefit of generating credibility to the brand that you are promoting on-air.

6) Mention Noteworthy or Relevant Things

A simple segment idea that would not require a lot of effort on your part is to shine a spotlight on whatever may be relevant at that given time. This can include, but is not exclusive to: prominent companies, influencers, brands, news stories, and even emerging trends. By highlighting noteworthy people, entities, or stories, you provide value to your audience for free.

7) Play Games

Featuring game segments is yet another way to boost the participation of your audience. The best part about this is the fact that the specific ways in which you can go about doing this are incredibly varied. For example, you can turn this into a trivia game for your avid listeners. You can also do improv, not just among listeners but also for your show’s hosts. 

8) Issue Challenges to Listeners

A reliable way to pull this off is to encourage your listeners to create hashtags that are unique and relevant to your show. Doing so can help continue audience discussion about whatever topic you may have delved into and it can also raise more awareness for your show on social media channels.

9) Provide Product Reviews

One tried and true segment that any podcast specialist can rely on is to do product reviews or recommendations. This is, after all, a fine way to increase your sphere of influence as you build trust with your audience. This segment can also go hand-in-hand with whatever brand is sponsoring your show.

Looking for ways to fill time that isn’t just your usual content in your show isn’t always easy. People get bored sooner or later, so having ways to prevent that and adding extra value to your existing offering will go a long way for your podcast production. For those who are in need of more in-depth help, there’s always the option to book a free discovery and schedule a chat with the folks at Podcast Engineers. Get started on this today!

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