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Is there ever a bad time to get into podcasting?

Most signs point to no. If you think you have an idea worth exploring, then all that’s left is to get started on your podcast production and you’ll be ready with your show in no time. However, for those who are interested in podcasting, but don’t have a content concept yet will want to spend more time considering their options.

In today’s podcasting landscape, there is no shortage of podcast ideas. New content is popping up regularly, so if you want your chance to shine, here are some ideas you might consider exploring:

1. A Comedy Podcast

Those of you who have talents for making people laugh may want to bring that talent over into the world of podcasting. One of the best things about comedic podcasts is that there are various ways to present them. For example, you can have a hybrid show that takes the comedic side and combines it with something else. You may take inspiration from late night talk shows and provide interviews with a dash of comedy to them. If that’s not something you want, then you can go for stand-up comedy and even sketches for your podcast.

2. A Fiction-Based Podcast

Creating a fiction-based podcast can make your show resemble radio dramas of old. By telling gripping stories complete with stellar voice acting, you can contribute to the world of entertainment by combining modern technology with an old school concept. If you’ve already got stories written and ready to go, your fiction podcast can even serve as your own unique adaptation of those stories.

3. A News Podcast

People love to keep themselves updated on current events. Even if you aren’t providing the latest scoop on a global scale, a news podcast can still work on local levels. Similar to the comedy podcast entry above, you can make your news podcast a hybrid by combining it with other interests. Examples are news on sports, movies, TV shows, video games, and more. Doing so can help you build credibility in that specific area and can encourage discourse among those who are similarly-interested.

4. An Educational Podcast

If you think you have a sufficient level of expertise over a particular subject, then why not create a podcast about it? If your expertise is on a professional level, then this can also be a great way for you to make a name for yourself on a broader scale. The best thing about this kind of podcast is that it can be as varied as the number of topics to talk about. You can share your knowledge about history, for example. Or medicine, business, politics, and so on.

5. Health and Fitness Podcast

Health is wealth and you’d be on the tip of everyone’s tongue if you can prove your worth as a fitness guru. There are many ways to go about this: a workout-based podcast can be worth exploring, as if a nutrition or diet-based show. If you aren’t an expert, then you can just feature guests who happen to be experts on your show. Physical trainers, athletes, and nutrionists can all provide a wealth of knowledge on their specific fields of expertise and you’d be providing them with the platform to do it.

6. A Tech-Based Podcast

Think of this as a show for those who want to hear all about the ways technology is improving on a daily basis. It can combine elements of the previous entries: education, news, and even comedy, if you can find ways to make technology sound humorous. If podcasting is your truest passion, then you can even discuss the intricacies of podcast production on your show, while bringing in podcast editors, podcast engineers, and other podcast specialists to share their own knowledge and experience.

Take time to consider all the factors related to any one podcast concept before making a final decision. Your core idea is the most important element of your show, after all, so be sure it is rooted in solid foundation before proceeding. If you’re interested in learning more about the world of podcasting, you can book a call with the good folks at Podcast Engineers today!

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