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Online reviews are the new word of mouth, and they help build a strong reputation for anyone trying to make their mark in the digital space. For podcasters, however, there’s a word-of-mouth recommendation that never goes out of style podcast guesting!

Having amazing guests on your podcast is a great way to amplify your message and expand your audience. Guests can breathe new life into your content by bringing fresh perspectives and insights. You get expert information that keeps listeners inspired and engaged.

Conversations with the right guests boost your show’s credibility and add new dimensions to your episodes. Plus, teaming up with a guest gives you a massive potential to increase listenership. That’s because your guest’s listeners will tune in to your podcast and potentially subscribe.

What to consider when choosing a guest

The first step to finding the right guest is to be clear about who you want to invite to your show. Here are some questions to ponder when looking for a podcast guest:

  • Will this person offer compelling views that your audience will listen to?
  • What is this person’s connection to the topic that will be discussed? Is the person an expert on the subject?
  • Is the person credible, reliable, and trustworthy?
  • Does this person have a loyal following?
  • Will conversations with this person resonate well with listeners?

The answer to these questions may not always be a yes, but you should always keep your podcast brand and audience top of mind when you’re seeking a guest for your show. 

Ways to find the right guest for your podcast

Once you have that ideal persona that will provide something exciting to your show and your audience, it’s now time to find someone who fits the mold. Here are some tips and best practices to help you get awesome guests on your podcast.

Leverage social media and online communities

Social media platforms are go-to options for finding just about anything and anyone. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are excellent sources for reputable podcast guests. These major online channels can give you a glimpse of a possible guest’s background and credentials, accomplishments, opinions, and perspectives. 

Join and participate in Facebook groups, message boards, and other online networks dedicated to your podcast niche. Follow conversations to find people. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make connections. 

Ask your audience

Chances are, your podcast listeners are already following other people with the same passions or interests as yours. What better way to engage your listeners and make them feel appreciated and heard than by asking them for suggestions on who to guest on your podcast?

Encourage them to share their ideas about what they want to hear and who they want to listen to. You can post a question on your social and online channels or make a call-out at the end of a podcast episode. 

Network and get referrals

Someone who has guested on your show will most likely be able to connect you with colleagues and friends who would be a good fit for an episode. You can also reach out to friends and acquaintances that you’ve had for years and ask them for personal referrals. 

Maximize opportunities to meet potential guests in person by attending networking events, conferences, and trade shows where you can connect with podcast communities and professionals. 

Listen to related podcasts and content

Check out other podcasts with similar topics and content and tune in to see who they’ve booked as guests. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Try reaching out to the hosts of those podcasts and explore opportunities. You may want to invite them to be a guest on your show and they may even return the favor.

Why not go beyond podcasts? Don’t hesitate to try cross-promoting with other content creators like bloggers and influencers. This will help you expand your reach. 

Try guest booking services

Podbooker, Podcast guests, and Podchaser are just some of the many online guest booking platforms that help match podcasters with guests. Find and interact with entrepreneurs, athletes, professionals, thought leaders, and other personalities with the right knowledge and experience to engage your audience. 

Finding and booking the right guests for your podcast is not as easy as it seems. You would want someone who shares your niche, values, and mission and is also light and easy to talk with. But if you put in all the hard work, it will all pay off in the end. Keep at it and you’ll soon be conversing with guests who have compelling ideas and stories that people will love listening to. 

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