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There are many worthwhile roles to fill within a single podcast. Behind-the-scenes roles may not seem that glamorous, but no podcast can thrive without its crew of specialists, editors, and engineers. Front and center, we have the host and the guest. For that latter role, the spot can be far more coveted than what many may think at first.

Getting invited to speak on a podcast is a huge honor. That tells you that your opinions and expertise matter and there are people out there willing to provide you with a platform to spread all that to the masses. But, because of the high esteem podcast specialists have for their guests, it isn’t always easy to land this coveted role. With that said, here are three important tips that those who want to be invited to more podcasts can apply to increase their chances:

1.Ensure Your Brand Is Well Developed

Before you can think about hopping on any sort of podcast, you need to make sure that you are someone worth inviting. This can be the most time-consuming part, but it is also the most worthwhile step to pursue. To keep be a bit more specific, here is a quick run-down of what kind of branding you can engage in:

  • Your Personal Branding – Working on your personal branding means cultivating a public persona. Your audience will see values and traits synonymous with your character, and this can come in the form of how you style yourself, what you decide to share on social media, the platforms you spend time on, and how you go about interacting with others.
  • Your Product or Service Branding – If your brand is focused more on what products or services you can offer, then it is best to focus your actions on how you can highlight these. Examples can be deliberate choices when it comes to imagery, color palettes, font styles, or what specific tactics centered around what sets your services apart from the competition.

Once you have taken your personal brand to heights that will warrant the possibility of being invited, you can then proceed to doing either one of two things, as detailed below.

2.Reach Out to Podcasts On Your Own

The first of those two options would be to reach out to podcasts on your own. Create a list of shows that you want to appear on and do everything you can to reach them. If you’ve been featured on podcasts before, this suggested route can be easier especially if you’ve taken the time to network with the host, the production crew, and the podcast editor. If not, then this may turn into a bit of a waiting game, although the wait is sure to be worth it.

3.Reach Out to a Third-Party Mediators

If reaching out to the podcast specialists themselves don’t yield any fruit, then you can try to reach out to other platforms instead. There are guest placement services available whose sole purpose is to connect prospective podcast guests with podcasters. Among those out there, notable examples include PodMatch, Podchaser Connect, and For those most interested in this approach, here’s a break down of what to expect from these three examples:


  • Priced at $29 per month
  • Utilizes AI to match prospective guests with their ideal podcast
  • Creates your profile page where you can message and schedule interviews directly

Podchaser Connect

  • It is a paid service, though its prices are undisclosed
  • Utilizes data-driven matchmaking
  • Creates custom profiles and provides audience feedback and analytics

  • Free service
  • Users get listed in the site’s directory and gets placed in front of a myriad of podcasters who are also looking for like-minded guests

As you can see, there are many ways for prospective guests to land their desired podcasting gig. Once you get that spot, the sky’s the limit for you and it’s your move to utilize this new platform however you wish. 

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