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If there’s one fear podcasters share, it’s seeing the number of subscribers stagnating or worse, declining! There’s no doubt it can be very discouraging. This is especially true if you are just starting out.

The good thing is this is something you can totally prevent.

In this article you’ll discover some of the most prevalent reasons people will stop listening and how you can prevent a similar scenario from happening.

1. Not uploading episodes consistently

If you want to succeed in the podcasting world, you need to be consistent. And part of being consistent will entail uploading episodes on a regular basis. Uploading episodes on a routine basis will not only keep you in the minds of your readers, it will also help cement your credibility as an expert and authority in your niche.

2. Your listeners are not getting any valuable content or information

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most common reasons listeners will click the unsubscribe button.

When someone subscribes to a podcast, they expect to learn something beneficial they can apply in their business or personal life. If they are not getting anything substantial, they won’t think twice about unsubscribing and finding answers someplace else.

Do an honest assessment of the last five episodes you’ve done. Can you honestly say you’ve shared something substantial and of benefit? If not, you have to rethink and do something about it. And you have to make the necessary changes stat. Otherwise, you’ll be losing followers faster than you can keep up with.

3. You are not getting through to your audience

Since your audience can’t see you, they will base their impression of you solely on how you speak. That being said, it is always advisable to factor in the people you are talking to–your target audience. You should choose words that will resonate with them so you’ll be able to effectively convey any message you would like to get across.

Case in point: there are some podcasters who have a sharp tongue and may sometimes use explicit language to prove they mean business. And this is probably okay if your listeners are young adults or young professionals. However, if your primary audience are seniors and retired professionals, it can come across as offensive and unprofessional.

Pace is also another factor you need to take into account. If you think you have a mellow or deep voice that may bore listeners, try to compensate with good pace. Also, exceptional editing can do your show a whole world of good. If this is something you’re not really good at, consider it best to leave the job in the able hands of the experts at Podcast Engineers.

4. Using too much jargon

If your podcast focuses on a technical niche, you can sometimes get carried away and use too much jargon. While jargons are easy for your peers to understand, they’re not something all your listeners are familiar with. If you really need to use some jargons, always make it a point to explain quickly what it’s all about so those who are not familiar can understand.

One fundamental principle to keep in mind is to make sure that you keep things simple enough for beginners to understand but meaty enough for your peers. Make sure that even when you deliver information the simplest way possible, you are still able to provide something that is of value.

5. Not listening to feedback

When your listeners take time out to give feedback, show your appreciation by acknowledging their suggestions. Of course, you are not required to implement every suggestion that’s provided but it would be very helpful to know what your audience wants and incorporate what you think will be beneficial. Listening to your audience will also show them you have their best interest in mind.

Did we miss anything? How do you help ensure you keep your listeners glued? Let us know in the comments below!

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