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When people think of podcasting, they often imagine starting their own show, discussing podcast production, or taking on roles like podcast editors or engineers. However, one often overlooked opportunity is becoming a podcast guest. While it may not seem as glamorous as hosting, being a podcast guest offers numerous benefits. In this article, we’ll explore six reasons why you should consider being a guest on a podcast.

1. Access to an Established Platform

One of the main advantages of being a podcast guest is that you’ll likely join an already-established platform. The host, editor, and other contributors have done the heavy lifting to create and grow the podcast. As a guest, your primary responsibility is to share your expertise with the audience.

2.Boost Your Reputation as a Thought Leader

Being selective about the podcasts you appear on allows you to choose platforms that best align with your expertise. Appearing on a popular podcast can enhance your reputation as a thought leader in your field, especially if the show has a large, engaged audience.

3. Generate Shareable Content

Your podcast appearance can serve as a valuable source of content for your brand. You can promote the episode on social media, or share snippets and quotes from the discussion. This not only highlights your expertise but also helps drive traffic to the podcast.

4. Less Time-Consuming than Blogging

While blogs can still be successful, being a podcast guest is typically less time-consuming than creating and maintaining a blog. Sharing your knowledge on a podcast can lead to the host featuring you on their blog or other platforms, further extending your reach.

5. Increase Sales Potential

With the increased visibility and credibility gained from being a podcast guest, you may see a positive impact on your sales. Podcast appearances can drive traffic to your website or social media accounts, and repurposing podcast content can boost your SEO ranking, ultimately leading to increased sales.

6. Build Relationships and Network

An often-overlooked benefit of being a podcast guest is the opportunity to build relationships. Podcast hosts and guests spend a significant amount of time together, fostering connections that can extend beyond the episode. You may be invited for follow-up episodes, or the host might introduce you to other hosts or industry professionals.

In conclusion, being a podcast guest offers numerous benefits, making it an opportunity worth considering. As the world of podcasting continues to grow, even more advantages may emerge. If you’re interested in starting your own podcast but need guidance, consider booking a free discovery call with the experts at Podcast Engineers to begin your journey.

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