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The world of podcast production requires a lot of skills within different roles in order to succeed. Due to the amount of exposure involved, the role of podcast host is not only among the most coveted, but it is also one that receives the most scrutiny. Anyone who wants to excel in hosting a show would do well to keep the following tips in mind:

Do as Much Research as Possible

This is not negotiable. Whether it is research on the guest you’re about to talk to, or research on the specific topic that you’ll need to handle on air for the next episode, there’s no excuse for not doing your homework. Remember that, as the host, you are essentially the face of the franchise and of the brand. The audience will look to you as the anchor; as the glue that holds everything together. Things would go much better if you are already knowledgeable about who and what you have to tackle on your show.

Come Up With the Most Compelling Questions

This will go hand-in-hand with the first tip. How can you possibly come up with compelling questions if you did not do your research? The importance of this is to make things as interesting as possible. With compelling questions already at your disposal, your discussion with your guests will be both entertaining and educational; moreso than if you ever decide to just “wing it” on air. The more well-researched and well-thought-out questions you prepare, the deeper into the topic everyone will be able to dig into, which can only be a win-win scenario for those part of the show and for those listening or watching.

Allow Your Guest the Chance to Shine

Although you are the face of the franchise as the host, you will not be the only person that your viewers are tuning in to see. Consider yourself as the facilitator for each and every guest that comes along. You cannot afford to steal their thunder. It is important that you give your guest enough chances to show what they have up their sleeves, whether it is in the form of their unique personality or in the form of their expertise. This is not just as far as showmanship is concerned, but also as a courtesy. You do not want your guests to feel overshadowed or unwelcome. They need to be able to leave your show feeling like their contribution was one hundred percent appreciated.

Work Hand-in-Hand With Your Sponsors

Your show’s working relationship with sponsors is among the most important financial factors that can help keep it afloat. This is especially important in the early stages of your show’s development. With that said, it is your job as the host to keep things running smoothly. You need to find the right time to mention your sponsors on-air and you also need to ensure that your show is partnering up with the right ones. If possible, work with sponsors whose products or services jive the best with what your podcast is all about. That way, everything will go as smoothly as possible.

Be Humble Enough to Ask for Advice and Feedback

Ultimately, this is the most important tip for anyone regardless of what their role is. For a podcast host who is always looking for ways to improve, this is yet another non-negotiable. You can ask feedback from a wide variety of sources: from other hosts, especially those who are more experienced and polished; from your crew members, your guests; and even from those who tune in to see the show. It can be surprising to see just how many people actually care to help out and their different perspectives may even make a great difference in the long run.

As the host, you are essentially the face of the brand. Everything you do on-air will be a reflection of the show you are hosting, so you need to make sure that every moment counts for something. If you thought this was a compelling topic, know that there’s more to learn if you book a call with the good folks at Podcast Engineers. Avail of that free discovery call today and stay ahead of that steep learning curve!

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