Choosing a Potential Podcast Guest: Your 10-Point Checklist

Choosing a Potential Podcast Guest: Your 10-Point Checklist

While the benefits are exceptional, podcasting has several aspects that can be very challenging. For instance, many podcasters struggle when it comes to choosing a guest who’s going to be the “best fit” for the show.

To make the process easier, I’ve prepared a 10-point checklist you can use as your guide when finding the right person to invite over.

1. What type of guest is the best fit for your podcast?

Are you looking for

  • A professional with credentials?
  • A renowned and published author
  • A public figure?
  • A celebrity
  • A trainer
  • A coach
  • An educator?

Or are you in the lookout for someone

  • Who’s an expert in a specific field?
  • Who has a unique point of view?
  • With a strong or controversial opinion?

2. Will your prospective guest appeal to the people you are targeting?

Think about your target audience. Is it mostly women or men? What’s their economic range and general age bracket? Are they university graduates, new parents, senior citizens, or retirees?

It is important that you are able to accurately identify the demographic profile of your target audience so you will know the topics they are interested in. It also makes it easier for you to gauge if the guest you want to invite has information and insights your listeners consider valuable.

3. Does your guest have some sort of online presence?

Do they have a Facebook business page? Do they have a LinkedIn page or a website? Are they active on diverse social media platforms? Does it have videos of them you can check out?

It is crucial to look into the kind of information they are sharing as well as their responses and comments so you’ll get a better insight in terms of their background and interests.

In addition, the more you know about your guest, the easier it will be for you to formulate better and more relevant questions.

4. Does your guest have prior speaking experiences?

This is important. Understandably, the more speaking stints your prospective guest has had, the higher the likelihood that your conversation will flow easily and more naturally.

However, while seasoned speakers have an edge, it is recommended that you don’t overlook less seasoned prospects. It is possible that they too have several beneficial knowledge and insights even if they have had less exposure. Just ensure you exert a bit more effort in putting them at ease.


5. Can your guest dish out relevant information in a coherent and clear manner without going off-topic or focusing mainly on self-promotion?

Sure, your listeners can probably tolerate subtle promotion every now and then. However, if your guest blatantly promotes their products or services the entire duration of the episode, your listeners might get turned off and look for the information they need someplace else.

6. Is your guest willing to stay and really finish the show in case of technical glitches?

Technical glitches are sometimes inevitable. And at times, they can occur at the most unexpected of times. Ensure your guest allows enough time between their commitments to accommodate similar eventualities.

7. Is your guest willing to answer additional questions your listeners might ask?

Some guests don’t feel at ease answering questions they have not prepared an answer for. In line with this, consider it ideal to work with someone who is willing to engage with you and your listeners to broaden the discussion.

8. Is your guest open to promoting the episode to their own list of subscribers and social media followers?

Keep your fingers crossed such is the case. If not, be prepared to carry out all the promotional efforts on your own.

9. Is your guest amenable to working with you ahead of time to ensure everything is covered within the allotted time frame?

Your listeners expect you to be able to cover all the things you promised. You will have an unhappy audience if you don’t deliver accordingly. Fortunately, awesome guests often have more information and insights that can be shared within the allotted time. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to invite them again to continue the discussions.

10. Do you find it easy to establish some sort of connection with your guest?

In life as in everything else, listening to your gut feelings can be beneficial. If you find it difficult to establish at least some sort of initial rapport with your guest, there is a high likelihood it will become evident in your discussions. That being said, make it a priority to establish connection; otherwise, the episode might sound unnatural and forced.

Lastly, when inviting guests over, always have your listeners’ best interest in mind. At all times, aim to deliver more than they bargained so it’s easier to entice them to come back for more.

What key aspects do you take into account when looking for podcast guests? Sound off in the comments section below.

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