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Listening to a podcast is one of the best things that you can do to kill time, especially when you’re stuck in traffic. You might think “why don’t I just listen to the radio?” Well you could do that, but do you really want to listen to the same songs being played over and over again? If you’re looking for something new and entertaining, try listening to a podcast episode or two.

Here are a few reasons why listening to a podcast is the best thing to do in traffic.

Keep your calm

Instead of complaining about how slow the flow is going and getting mad at your fellow drivers, you can keep your head cool as well as entertain yourself by tuning in to a podcast.

Podcasts have changed the way people share information and has opened up doors to a whole new form of entertainment. When listening to a podcast, you’ll never get bored. And it definitely beats doing nothing inside your car waiting for traffic to end.

Time flies when you’re having fun

You won’t realize it but by the time you’re about to finish an episode of a podcast, you’ve already arrived to your destination. Yes, time seems to move faster when you’re having fun. It’s a great way to take your mind off of the traffic and forget about the time you’ll have to spend on the road.

Choose your own topic

Unlike a radio with DJs that go on and on about topics that you’re really not interested in, podcast actually allows you to listen to people talking about things that tickle your fancy. Whether it’s news and current events, sport, celebrities, or even just some random person’s day, you choose the topic so you’ll always be interested in what you’re listening to. In short, you’re the boss!

Interesting conversation

You can find a lot, and we mean A LOT, of podcasts out there that are well produced and made that talk about fascinating topics and have interesting recorded conversations with people. Podcasts that have talk show formats often times interview people from different walks of life, which makes every episode special and unexpected. Who knows, you might just find your new inspiration talking on a podcast.

Never miss an episode

Since podcast episodes are available to download anytime, you won’t miss an episode. Of you didn’t get to finish the whole thing while you were driving, then just pause it and just listen to it when you have the free time. It’s not like live radio where you actually have to be mindful about the schedule of the show.

Listen to the podcast at your own pace and if you missed something, just slide it back and listen to it again.

Listening to Podcast on the Road

Learn something new

If you want to make the most of your time and make it more productive, try listening to an educational podcast. There is a wide selection of topics to choose from, and you get to spend what many would consider wasted time wisely.

There are some great podcasts like BiggerPockets and WholesalingInc where you learn more about real estate investing or something to do with science, such as Radiolab and Start Talk Radio. Learning something new is just a podcast subscription away.

No holds barred

One of the best things about a podcast is that there are no rules on what you can and can’t say. There’s not monitoring board for podcasts, so expect to find a number of them that really go all out. Some podcasters would talk about a lot of things that would be censored and taken off radio. If you’re the type of person that wants to listen to topics that would be tagged as scandalous and even inappropriate to broadcast on mass media, then podcasts is for you.

Listen in privacy

If you’re driving alone that is. Don’t you just hate it when everyone is fighting over which station to listen to, or reaching over to grab the aux cord and make you listen to their favorite song that you secretly hate over and over again. Take a break from all of this and just listen to a podcast.

You have nothing better to do

We’re not saying that it’s the only thing that you can do while you’re stuck in traffic, but it’s something new and interesting to do. Explore the wonders of the world of podcasts and discover how interesting, and at time on point, everyday people’s opinions are about anything and everything under the sun.

Any podcast you recommend? Share it to us in the comments section!

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